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Backed by Science

Symprove is recommended by experts, and has been independently tested by scientists. That’s why thousands have chosen Symprove for a healthier, happier life. And that all starts with your gut microbiome!

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How Symprove works?

Symprove harnesses the power of live strains of good bacteria to support your gut health.

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Symprove's water-based formula arrives alive in the stomach.

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And because it doesn't trigger digestion, it is more able to reach your gut.

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Independent research by University College London found that Symprove was therefore more able to thrive in the gut than 7 other leading products

Unique water-based solution for live bacteria.

Before live bacteria can reach your gut, they first need to survive the harsh conditions of your stomach. Symprove's bacteria can do just that. And one key reason is our unique water-based solution.


This is because the science tells us that:

  • Bacteria can live in water

  • And water doesn't trigger digestion

Say hello to our

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Unlike the bacteria in powder or tablet supplements, our four strains are alive when they enter your body - and ready to get straight to work.


It doesn't trigger digestion and bacteria love living in it! So water, coupled with the way you take Symprove on an empty stomach, helps limit our bacteria's exposure to digestive juices that would otherwise kill them.


This clever grain works as a catalyst for fermentation. It helps to speed up the growth of the live bacteria, and keep the numbers steady for the 4 months of Symprove's shelf-life. (Don't worry, we remove gluten before bottling.)

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Brought to you from a controlled environment

We make Symprove in a controlled environment. First, we prep our bacteria to make sure they can tolerate the low pH levels in your stomach. Then we add them to a water-based solution with liquid barley extract. Over a 21-hour period, fermentation occurs and they multiply like mad!

Once there's enough bacteria, we halt the process, test our samples and then get bottling.

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Balancing your microbiome is a marathon not a sprint. 

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